Looking up to you


We store pictures these days so differently than our parents did.  The digital age has its perks for sure.  My parents moved into assisted living about a year ago, so they have limited storage space. Storing photos from my childhood takes up a whole closet at my house!    I’ve been going through pictures and the amount of “doubles” and random shots of waterfalls and food are insane.  And then there are the gems…

My cousin and I were more like sisters as we were growing up.  She is 7 years older than me, so she has always been the perfect older sister.  We went to her surprise birthday party a couple weeks ago.  I gave her this picture, and, in the card, I wrote “I’ve been looking up to you my whole life…”.   She has always been a touchstone for me.  When I was little I loved to play with my Barbies.  She and her friends would always play with me without complaint (to my knowledge)

When she had her first daughter, I was 16.  She asked me to be her Godmother.  I was so excited! Then when I had my daughter, I asked my Goddaughter to be my daughter’s Godmother.  And so it goes.  My daughter is now old enough to babysit for her Godmother’s boys.  We are a family that continues to stay close.  There are births and deaths and we hold each other up.

There aren’t a lot of recipes from the 70’s that I still make.  TV dinners on TV trays were a pretty big hit when I was young.  The Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, corn kernels and apple pie was my favorite.  You might remember how you had to fold the foil back over the apple pie so the crust would brown.  Those were the days… I bet my parents have a picture of that TV dinner meal somewhere in the thousands of pictures in my hall closet.

Pot Roast is one meal that comes to mind from my childhood that I still love.  It’s another slow cook meal that can be made in a Dutch oven or slow cooker.  I made this recipe a couple months ago and it sure brought back memories.

So…go digging through some old photos!  You never know what gems you’ll find!


4 thoughts on “Looking up to you”

  1. What a beautiful memory! So lucky to have this connection and the connection between your girls. I love looking through old pictures and remembering the seemingly mundane moments that mean so much. I too was a Salsbury Steak era girl! Star Trek and TV dinner on Sunday night. Funny what you remember. Thanks for the post and the recipe.<3

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  2. Cousins are our first friends in childhood. How special that you still have that bond all these years later.
    The TV dinners brought back memories of the 1970’s staple in our household…
    ..Goulash.. which was nothing more than ground beef, corn, elbow noodles, cheese..and the secret ingredient..Ketchup!! Delish!!

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  3. Let’s just say TV dinners was one of Mom’s staples – not exactly a seasoned cook that one. I’m well heeled in the art of folding back the aluminium AND scalding my tongue on the too hot cherry or apple pie desserts. I mean if it’s sitting right there, how am I supposed to wait until I finish my Salisbury steak? I love the memory lane you’ve been taking me down. X


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