Freezer French Toast


1 large loaf of your favorite bread (white, wheat, whole-grain)

10-12 eggs (depending on the size of the loaf)

Milk to thin


Crack the eggs in a shallow dish and add enough milk to thin.  Place bread in egg mixture and turn to coat both sides.  Lace the egg soaked bread on the griddle and sprinkle with cinnamon.  Flip when golden brown.  Move to a cooling rack when both sides and done.  Continue with the rest of the loaf.  When all the sliced and cooked and cooled, repackage them in the same bread wrapper and put n the freezer.  In the morning, take out the desired number of slices and pop them in the toaster for a couple of minutes (time depending on your toaster).  Top with your favorite French Toast topping!

Easy breakfast any day of the week!




***Credit for this recipe given to my husband’s friend’s mom Mrs. Baird