Don’t rush a hike!


I bought a new pressure cooker a few months ago and so far, I’m not a fan.  I struggle with the concept.  I get it, people are busy, and we want things quicker and faster with no waiting.  But what I love about my Dutch oven and slow cooker is the flavors that develop over a long slow cook.  I also love the aroma when I come in the door and dinner has been cooking all day.  Patience is something I work on daily.

Many years ago, our oldest wanted to go on a hike for his 8th birthday.  So, we took seven 8-year-olds and one 5-year old (our middle son) on a short hike to a beautiful lake.  I gotta admit, it was a little crazy!  Reminiscent of Lord of the Flies as they chased the chipmunks down the trail with sticks.  The older boys led the way with my husband and another dad. My 5-year-old and I were bringing up the rear.  They were getting further and further ahead of us when finally, I said “come on buddy!  Move it along!”  He stopped in his tracks, turned and said to me “Mom, you can’t rush a hike”

Wait…what?   This kid is really on his own path…we’re all on our own path.  Trying to rush things doesn’t mean it’s better.  What is the rush?  What’s the “end game”?  What happens when we take our time?

Our kids have taught us many lessons over the years.  I have always said that our oldest is the “practice child”.  We don’t really know what we’re doing with this one!  Thank goodness he has his own compass and a great sense of humor.  Thinking that we’ve learned all sorts of things from our oldest, the 2nd born should be a breeze, right?  Totally different kid in many ways.  They are similar, and they love hanging out together, but through my lens, they are very unique.  And then came our daughter.  Piece of cake!!!  Except, we know how manage boys…  She is driven, competitive, and sweet.  Being the youngest of 3, she’s learned to be tough…and how to “work” the system.  Relationships are complicated.  Like everything they are always evolving.  And so, we keep going…making mistakes, and hopefully learning from them, and moving along.  Enjoying the journey, without rushing.

Many recipes in my repertoire my kids refer to as “Mamas…”.  So, here is my meat sauce recipe.  I have done it in the slow cooker and the Dutch oven.  Both work great!  It’s a very versatile sauce.  I’ve made lasagna and baked spaghetti with this sauce, or you can use it on the top of your favorite pasta!



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