Breakfast EVERYONE!

ERA picnic table

Mornings are magical.  I know some of you might think I’m crazy for saying that, but I love that quiet time when the house is still and the sun is just starting to peek up over the horizon.  The start of a new day often brings with it clarity and perspective.

When kids become teenagers and up, problems aren’t always solved with a hug and a bandage.  Hopefully we let our kids “practice” problem solving on the little stuff so when something big comes along they will have a frame of reference as to how to proceed.  But until they get their wings, a call home can give them the confidence they need to make an informed decision.  A hug and a bandage can’t fix everything…but after a night sleep often clarity and perspective awaits…and breakfast!!!

I like to have a simple breakfast…granola and yogurt or an egg, but my kids love the BIG breakfast!  Pancakes, French toast, crepes…you name it!  But the favorite at my house is Pasta Papa ala Mama.  This meal was made for us by some friends years ago.  We had plans for a long lazy day floating the river, so this meal was hearty enough to keep us full ALL…DAY…LONG.  We’ve made this meal for 5 and for 100, so it’s easy to augment.  The kids love it, young and old.


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